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Our Clients

We build software for people inside and outside organizations, primarily in the public good sector.

We have had the privilege of working with amazing people in very diverse industry from government ministries, UN agencies, startups and the private sectors.

Core Projects

In Core projects, the software we build is the primary service provided by our clients to their respective markets. Most projects that we do for our startups clients are in this category.


Seventail is a early stage startup that aims to bring all the local independent store in Egypt online. It brings first rate customer experience to daily groceries shopping by utilizing the extensive network of existing local stores and their delivery network.

Tayary Online

Tayary is an online service that makes food delivery easier than ever. From popular Alexandrian street food to the city's classiest and tastiest restaurants. We are currently in the 2nd year of a multi year effor to revamp and scale their original infrastrucuture written in PHP and convert them to ASP.NET Core 3.0.

As a result, now they have a scalable and highly capable real time logistic system powering their day to day operation.

The Energy Swarm

Energy Swarm is a software platform containing an energy model, a control panel from which you can create new projects with up to 4 scenarios per project and invite collaborators, and a dashboard for setting targets and goals and understanding technology lead times for the scenarios you have modelled.

It makes the task of planning a city planning for their energy mix much simpler and sustainable. It's an important tool in our global fight against Climate Change.

My Fellowship

It's a startup based in Switzerland that aims to improve the efficiency of matching doctors to fellowships around the world. It is based on a belief that a fellowship is an opportunity which improves and enhances the medical training, therefore improves patient care.


Fer2etak is the only Football Fantasy League system in Egypt. It has over 100,000 active players.

SilverKey rebuilt its system so it can perform at the next level scalability capability.

Strategic Projects

In Strategic projects, the software we build runs critical operations of our client. It optimizes the operations of our client on a big scale. The engagement in strategic projects are long and ongoing.

Fly Egypt

We have been engaged for several years in developing various systems for FlyEgypt, an amazing Egyptian low-cost and charter airline headquartered in Cairo. Our work touches many different aspect of their operations in their daily effort to deliver the best and safest experiences for their customers.

Ministry of Local Development

We had a long engagement with the ministry, consulting them on their strategy, building their portal, and automating their micro financing platform “Mashro3ak”.


We worked closely with ILO to digitally transform the inspection departments of the Ministry of Manpower.

The project automates 12 governorates in two inspection departments (Labour & Occupational Safety and Health). Ministry inspectors now hold tablets to perform their day-to-day inspection activities managed by a sophisticated workflow and a dashboard that helps the Ministry central department to assess their inspection activities and KPIs.

Speed Service

Speed Service, the biggest Cash-In-Transit company in Egypt with a fleet of more than a 150 armored trucks for transferring cash from different sources to different destinations. With more than 3000 shipment orders a day, SilverKey has developed CashTrack, a revolutionary product that can track truck & baggage locations securely, assign orders automatically to trucks based on their location and print receipts for the clients. A hybrid between desktop, web and mobile development, CashTrack is state-of-the-art solution for the CIT companies.


CIB is the largest private bank operating in Egypt. SilverKey build and maintain their organization wide Online Recruitment and Assessment system.

Governorate of Alexandria

In a program funded the USAID, with the consultation of Deloitte, Governorate of Alexandria – SSBC center, chose SilverKey to develop their Licenses and Permits management system. This system covers over 300 different licenses and permits within issued by the Governorate to individual and organizations

The system has been developed in ways that seamlessly, and dramatically, improve the services provided by the Governorate to the residents of Alexandria.

Ministry of Manpower

We are responsible for automating the Ministry’s main functions of performing Labor and Occupational Safety & Health field inspections for factories and organizations in Egypt. Every inspection is equipped with an Android tablet that allows them to efficiently perform their duties of making sure that the workers of Egypt are protected.

Optimizing Projects

In Optimizing projects, we optimize certain operations of our clients. Our client engagement tends to be limited in these type of projects.

Kent College West Cairo

Kent College West Cairo is an International School in Egypt. Kent College West Cairo is managed and operated by its founding school in the UK.

We built their online presence using Orchard Core 1.5. We built many usefule modules on the platform for them to manage their day to day operations.


Madinaty is a city community covering 33.6 million square meters currently in active development. We build an integrated system for their quality assurance system to ensure that every single apartment and building they produce is at the highest quality ever.

Major semiconductor company

Our client is an American global semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications products and services. They are the maker of different mobile processors, which companies like Samsung & Apple use to manufacture their high-end phones.

SilverKey has developed a system that is designed to manage the training and loyalty of different retail sales executives working for different partners. The system runs on web, iOS, and Android.


In its effort to be more efficient, P&G is determined to automate and streamline different business activities through its Cairo Technology Center. One of those activities is the way P&G employees prepare and maintain funding package documentation. We built a web application that simplified the way and approach of preparing such documents.


SilverKey Technologies designed and developed a website for the Urban Regeneration Project for Historic Cairo (URHC). The website was powered with an online GIS map system.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

IOM is the principal intergovernmental organization in the field of migration. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

SilverKey has developed their “Bosla” website, an NGO directory designed for serving migrants and several other systems over the years.

Ministry of Emigration & Egyptian Expatriates Affairs

We built the Ministry’s new website after it was established as a new ministry. We also built an online community for Egyptian Expatriates, the first of its kind, to connect them with each other.