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Lucas Shaw / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple's Eddy Cue has pushed TV+ studio chiefs to exert more control over budgets, hoping to change Apple's reputation as the biggest spender in town  —  The iPhone maker is starting to exert more control over its production partners  —  Netflix extended its lead over fellow streaming services …

BTW, there is a totally legit and legal way to deal with the issue people are grappling with, w/o any fancy new extra-legal ways of nominating a president that resolves it in a minute, if the Cabinet goes along with the idea that the current president isn't able to do the job, and if being re-elected is a legitimate part of doing the job.

Pretty sure most people don't get that being president is a job, not a role someone plays in a TV sitcom.

Great wealth is poison, that's what's playing out in the NYT-orchestrated overthrow of the American government. They're driving us into the arms of the Nazis. Who knows why, or even if there is a reason, other than their drive to find meaning in their great wealth. Their problem, and ours, is that it has no meaning, no human can use the money they've accumulated. These are not human-size fortunes, playing a game of make-believe, what if we really were as smart as we think our money says we are. Well you ain't that smart.

The earth shook today. I'm watching the news like everyone else after President Biden withdrew. There really is a lot happening very quickly, and the Dems all sound like they got their story straight, for once the Dems sound like a party. How did that happen. NakedJen says we need a miracle. I said that's her department. ❤️

Jason Schreier / Bloomberg:
How indie game developer Terrible Posture Games avoided bankruptcy after an ~$800K investment from an unlikely source: Nerd Ninjas, another indie developer  —  Terrible Posture Games got funding help from an unlikely source: another indie developer  —  Hi everyone.

Manish Singh / TechCrunch:
Indian crypto exchange WazirX has “temporarily” paused trading activities days after it suspended customer withdrawals after losing ~$230M in a security breach  —  WazirX, one of India's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has suspended all trading activities on its platform days …

Mercedes Ruehl / Financial Times:
Malaysia's Johor state is attracting billions of dollars as tech giants take advantage of cheaper land and more abundant energy to build data centers  —  Companies take advantage of cheaper land and more abundant energy  —  In what were once wild jungle and palm oil plantations in southern Malaysia …

A two-minute podcast where I dictate an op-ed the NYT should run in its own name, apologizing for trying to take over the US government, and promising to return to being a news organization.

I am so fed up with it. Today they ran an op-ed written by Aaron Sorkin giving advice to Democrats based on his experience writing scripts for a fictional White House television show in the late 90s and early 00s.

Yeah the NYT has lost its way. I hope some people down there think they're way out on a limb and it's time to get back to what they do. They are not qualified or entitled to do what they are doing.

Matilda Battersby / The Bookseller:
Academics say publisher Taylor & Francis hadn't told them about selling access to authors' research as part of a $10M+ Microsoft AI deal, nor let them opt out  —  Authors have expressed their shock after the news that academic publisher Taylor & Francis, which owns Routledge …

An investigation details how scammers are using crypto ATMs to commit fraud; the FBI says US losses from scams carried out via crypto ATMs was $120M+ in 2023  —  While crypto ATM operators insist they take steps to protect the public, investigators say the machines are a gift to criminal networks.

Vikas Dhoot / The Hindu:
The officers of India's largest retirement fund, the EPFO, warn the organization's crash-prone IT systems require immediate attention of the Union Government  —  The EPF Officers' Association has cautioned that a “continued denial” of the problem will only exacerbate the situation and hinder remedial efforts

One great use for ChatGPT, simple recipes.

If you try looking for a recipe on Google they take forever to get to the point, and pop up all kinds of offers when all you wanted was a checklist of ingredients and steps.

For example, how to make hard-boiled eggs.

Try doing the same thing on Google to see what I mean.

I trust that President Biden will do what's best for the country.

Pete Buttigieg should be the Democrats' official blogger. Every day a new insight into what makes people do what they do and why the Dems have all the right ideas. He's a perfect spokesperson in that role. A daily Pete. He should do it.

Financial Times:
OpenSecrets: ~80% of donations from internet companies have gone to Democrats so far this US election cycle, down from 90% in 2020, as support for Trump grows  —  Some of America's wealthiest tech investors have come out for Trump.  But most Big Tech leaders are staying silent, for now

Sultan Quadri / Semafor:
Starlink faces regulatory obstacles in Africa, as countries worry about losing control over content and the company providing services without paying taxes  —  LAGOS — At the end of April, Starlink, the satellite broadband service owned by South African-born tech billionaire Elon Musk …

Dominic-Madori Davis / TechCrunch:
Some Black founders and investors say they feel betrayed by Ben Horowitz's support for Trump, as he has always been seen as an ally to the Black community  —  “It appears personal interest and profit supersedes people,” one founder lamented.  —  Some of the richest, most influential investors …

Washington Post:
One defective CrowdStrike update for Windows breaking global systems resurfaces concerns about Microsoft's monopoly in government and enterprise IT systems  —  Officials say the incident highlights how much businesses and governments rely on the giant's products.

Steven Levy / Wired:
A look at Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz's self-interested Trump support, including the “final straw”, a Biden proposal to tax unrealized capital gains at 25%  —  Venture capitalists Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen claim the tech industry, California, and the country are doomed if we don't embrace the former president.

David Weston / The Official Microsoft Blog:
Microsoft estimates that CrowdStrike's update affected 8.5M Windows devices, or less than 1% of all Windows machines  —  On July 18, CrowdStrike, an independent cybersecurity company, released a software update that began impacting IT systems globally.  Although this was not a Microsoft incident …

David E. Sanger / New York Times:
The CrowdStrike debacle may have accidentally provided cybercriminals and countries a road map to using security software to disrupt US critical infrastructure  —  With each cascade of digital disaster, new vulnerabilities emerge.  The latest chaos wasn't caused by an adversary …

A 25-minute ramble with the themes of the Dreaming piece I wrote earlier today.

Spoiler alert: I reveal the ending of the movie Casablanca.

Respecting yourself means sticking to problems we can and need to solve, and work together.

We can't make anything to happen until we start listening to and working with each other.

There is no perfect super-Democrat. Our candidate is Joe Biden. Any real candidate is going to suck.

It's like We Make Shitty Software, all candidates suck. But we do a great job.

The Democratic song this year, and always, should be With a little help from my friends.

Read George Lakoff, a great linguist who figured out how American politics work.

Check out Elizabeth Spiers piece about how it's time to get over the West Wing ideal. Martin Sheen never was and never will be president.

And remember your vote is a chess move, not a love letter.

Like it or not, Twitter is still the social web of record. This is something we need to fix. It's going to take a long time, but it has to start.

Isn't it surprising, with old age such an important topic, that we aren't learning more about it? I'm there now, myself -- immersed in it, can't escape it. I guess I didn't want to know about it until I had to. It's a real perspective-shift.

Some coffee notes for a Saturday morning.

  1. This election is a total mess.
  2. Trump is extremely beatable.
  3. Biden is extremely beatable too.
  4. We've all had a chance to live in an America with Trump as president, and Biden. I know which one was better for all of us. (Evidence: our response to Covid, S&P 500 price.)
  5. Biden's health is not good and it of course will get worse in the coming four years.
  6. Trump's health isn't good either and it also will get worse. He doesn't care for himself. He's 77. He's near the end of the decade most people die.
  7. The Dems can run the show without Biden.
  8. The Repubs plan to run the show without Trump, he's just a figurehead, I hope you know that. An actor they put on stage to distract you from the nasty shit they are already doing (evidence, the Supreme Court). When he says Project 2025 isn't his, he's telling the truth. He has no idea what's in it and doesn't care. All he wants is to stand up at rallies and vent, and have his own Rick's Cafe in Casablanca and be Rick. It's the quieter, less showy folk that use him that you should be scared of.
  9. Even if Biden wanted to step aside, and he clearly doesn't, the mess that would follow can't be unraveled before the election, so if you push Biden out we lose, pretty sure of that. This is why I think Nate Silver lost his way, he's a sports fan, as am I. What's your next move after taking out the pitcher. You better have a good reliever warmed up in the bullpen, right? We don't even have a freaking bullpen Nate (hope he reads this).
  10. But it's fun to dream of the super-Democrat, the candidate who would totally clean Trump's clock, win in a landslide, and when they take office would clear out the junk on the Supreme Court, bring back Roe v Wade, slam the brakes on climate change, and then kick Putin's ass and restore America to greatness for real, and also prepare us to survive the next pandemic. But it's just a dream. It can't happen. Any good candidate will stay out of the mess that will follow a Biden step-aside. No one would want their future tied up in the mess-to-come.
  11. Remember, your vote is a chess move not a love letter.

Rick Blaine owns a nightclub and gambling den in Casablanca.