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US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says the US “won't tolerate” China's ban on Micron chips and calls the decision an “economic coercion”  —  Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said the US “won't tolerate” the recent decision by Chinese authorities to ban chips …

Tracy Wen Liu / Wired:
Source and analysis: PDD-owned Temu is losing an average of $30 per order and between $588M to $954M per year, as it tries to break into the US market  —  The Chinese shopping app is topping app stores in the US.  But it's burning money and squeezing its suppliers to a breaking point in a bid to take on Amazon.

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to run another instance of Bluesky?
  2. If so, is anyone running one?

I expect the answer to 1 is "yes" if you write your own code, but the official Bluesky server source has not been released yet.

But I honestly don't know the answers to either question.

Wes Fenlon / PC Gamer:
The developers behind open-source GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin say Nintendo sent Valve a DMCA takedown notice to block Dolphin's impending release on Steam  —  The GameCube & Wii emulator developers say the Steam release is “indefinitely postponed.”  —  On Friday, the developers behind …

Cam Thompson / CoinDesk:
DappRadar: Blur's NFT lending marketplace Blend amassed 169,900 ETH, or about $308M, in volume since its May 1 launch, taking 82% of total lending volume market  —  Since NFT lending marketplace Blend launched May 1, it has amassed 169,900 ETH, or about $308 Million in volume.

Benjamin Weiser / New York Times:
A New York lawyer faces sanctions after his legal brief, written using ChatGPT, had “bogus judicial decisions, with bogus quotes and bogus internal citations”  —  A lawyer representing a man who sued an airline relied on artificial intelligence to help prepare a court filing.

WordPress first shipped 20 years ago today. Thanks for keeping blogging going, for supporting RSS and rssCloud and the open web. 😀

The median gain in Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Tesla, Apple, and Nvidia stocks is 43% since January, almost 5x the S&P 500, bolstered by AI optimism  —  Rarely does a tech-powered stock rally come along that isn't pilloried for the fragility of its foundation.

María Luisa Paúl / Washington Post:
Brazilian lawmakers file a complaint against Google for letting users download “Slavery Simulator” game on Google Play for about a month before taking it down  —  For about a month, Google Play users in Brazil could download a game that simulated what the South American nation looked …

Financial Times:
In a policy reversal, a Portuguese government document outlines rationale for banning Huawei equipment in the country's 5G network, deeming it “high risk”  —  Lisbon's new security assessment could deal blow to Chinese telecom equipment group's ambitions in Europe

Associated Press:
AGs from Washington DC and 48 US states file a lawsuit against Avid Telecom, accusing the firm of making 7.5B+ robocalls to people on the Do Not Call Registry  —  Attorneys general across the U.S. joined in a lawsuit against a telecommunications company accused of making more than 7.5 billion robocalls …

Kelvin Chan / Associated Press:
EU Commissioner Thierry Breton says Twitter has dropped out of a voluntary EU pact to combat online disinformation and adds Twitter's “obligations remain”  —  Twitter has dropped out of a voluntary European Union agreement to combat online disinformation, a top EU official said Friday.

Jeff Burt / The Register:
Microsoft makes Azure Linux, a container host OS for the Azure Kubernetes Service, generally available, after running it in public preview since October 2022  —  Come for the Kubernetes, stay for the containers  —  After using Azure Linux internally for two years and running …

Sources: Elon Musk cut the Twitter Spaces team, which once numbered as many as 100 employees, down to roughly three people over the past several months  —  How a decimated team and shrinking server capacity rained on Ron DeSantis' parade  —  Programming note: Platformer will be off Monday for Memorial Day.

Alistair Barr / Insider:
Amazon backs out of its pledge to make 50% of its shipments net-zero carbon by 2030 and says it plans to reach net-zero carbon across all its operations by 2040  —  - Amazon scrapped its Shipment Zero initiative, which was announced a few years ago.  — The company is rolling the goal into a broader Climate Pledge.

Kevin McLaughlin / The Information:
Source: Twitter stopped paying Redis Labs for software handling high-traffic services, including live-audio, weeks before Ron DeSantis' glitchy Spaces event  —  On Wednesday night, Twitter experienced multiple outages during a high-profile live audio forum on the app in which Republican Florida …

ChatGPT has an important new feature, now you can share links to conversations you had with the bot. I've had that ability myself, hacked together with a bookmarklet. I know how important it is to be able to share this stuff easily. Now everyone will get to do this so we can learn more easily from each other, and more easily share what I think is a new form of literature, collaborations between humans and AI bots.

Pete Rose sliding into home plate.

My linkblog flows through WordPress. It's a social networking app too. Also flows through Mastodon and Bluesky. 😄

I lived one block away from the greatest supermarket in the city, Langensteins. They had all kinds of New Orleans specialties. We have one great supermarket like that here in the Catskills, Adams.

When I was in my late teens going to school in New Orleans, there were still a lot of childhood foods I didn't like -- asparagus, fish, cheese -- but I decided to be brave and try each of them, and I found that I now liked most. This was important because there's a wide variety of great affordable food in New Orleans, it would have been a shame to miss out on it.

When you think you've installed the new version of some software, but inexplicably it's behaving exactly like the previous version, make sure you've actually done the update. You can save a bunch of time that way.

YouTube is planning to support inbound RSS for podcasts.

My take on this -- this doesn't seem controversial.

YouTube is a podcast client. No problem with that.

And -- they're doing inbound RSS, just like I want Mastodon and Bluesky to do!

YouTube could be perfect if they also offered outbound RSS.

Two-way RSS. Say it again! ;-)

The constant message I get from tech people is -- "I don't have to listen to you." True! You don't. It has been proven. But would it hurt you to listen. Maybe there's some big secret you're not clued in on because you're picky about who you listen to. Just sayin.

The trick to making a system easy to work on when one part is on a server and the other part runs on the user's machine, is to make the machine the same in both locations, so code that runs in one place "just works" in the other. The further the two are from each other, the more difficult it is to work on. Ideally you should stay in your HLL even in your remote procedure calls.