Illustration of a man and a woman leaning on UI design figures

Learn. Think. Work.

SilverKey is a low intensity organization focusing on sustainable software development and operating on spirit of generosity and kindness. This is a picture of some of SilverKey staffs from 2023's Ramadan dinner.

Work for SilverKey

We are a high performing software development firm primarily based in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Remote work is welcome.
  • SilverKey is an equal opportunity employer.
  • We practice sustainable engineering culture.
  • We operate sustainably without VC funding.
  • We have flexible working hours.
  • There is no mandatory weekend work.
  • Training is continuous and we invest a lot in learning new techniques and technologies.
  • We have been operating since 2003. We have worked in every single type of software project imaginable.
  • Our meetings are rare and short.
  • We have a very strong writing culture. Everything important is documented.
  • We really highly values work life balance so it's perfect for parents.
  • It's not too big so you know everyone. It's not too small so you get to work with diverse sets of people.

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