Textcasting is applying the philosophy of podcasting to text

published on 2023/12/31

When I say textcasting is "applying the philosophy of podcasting to text" -- what I mean in practical terms is that my flow of ideas is available "where ever you get your text." Choice in subscribing has to be that fluid, commonsense, and choice is something people feel entitled to, as they do with podcasts. I've been told people would never understand the philosophy of podcasting, but they do, they understand they're entitled to choice in how to listen and thus producers are free to choose where to publish. Somehow text, which is so much easier to transmit than audio, is far less flexible. That's a mistake I want to undo, but I can't do it alone. I need to work with other people who have writing and reading tools, and people who have something to say and want all the features of writing to be at their disposal, and for it to be easy, inexpensive but not free of charge, and not owned by the titans of tech