rssCloud explainer

published on 2022/12/08

Suppose you have a website, and there's an RSS feed for that website that people subscribe to. That means they use a feed reader that periodically reads the feed, and if there are any new or updated items, incorporates those updates in its database, so next time you look at the feed you see the latest stuff. #

Here's the problem, the feed reader is probably watching thousands of feeds, so it might take a few hours before it looks at your feed. And all that time there will be changes to the feed that aren't yet in the feed reader's database, ones that people who read your feed won't see until it checks. #

The question was -- could we improve on this? The answer was rssCloud, which is a way for the feed reader to be notified immediately when the feed updated, so the changes would be reflected in its database right away. #