redbean is a single-file distributable web server

published on 2024/01/24

redbean is an open source webserver in a zip executable that runs on six operating systems. The basic idea is if you want to build a web app that runs anywhere, then you download the file, put your .html and .lua files inside it using the zip command, and then you've got a hermetic app you can deploy and share.

redbean embeds Lua, SQLite, and MbedTLS into a fork() driven application server that benchmarks at 1.1 million qps on a personal computer. It's got a live bestline REPL with code completion and a UNIX module too, that lets you directly use the Cosmopolitan Libc system call interface. redbean furthermore provides sandboxing and system call tracing for security. This makes redbean a great fit for when you want to build an app that's vertically integrated into a single tiny file that runs on nearly all PCs and servers.


This is a fascinating tech