Organization horror stories

published on 2023/06/19

I (tech lead) internally transferred to a different team ~6 mo ago at the request of my director. We have 3.5 developers responsible for nearly 15 distinct projects, complete with their own k8s deployments, azure AD app registrations, deployment pipelines, etc. No individual project is currently more complicated than basic CRUD and/or data hydration for a particular sub domain of the parent domain (that our team owns). We had the (mis?)fortune of being run like a startup within a large established organization and free to choose newer technologies to suit our requirements. I say we, but most of these decisions were made before I joined the team, so I have inherited these decisions. To complicate matters, most of these core decisions were made by someone who is now one of our org's enterprise architects. I closely work with other teams and observe their decisions as well - our team uniquely drank the microservice koolaid so fervently that we have a ratio of nearly 1 dev : 5 discrete services with the next highest teams hovering around 1 dev : 2 services. The domains are not apples:apples, but we are an outlier.


This is one big mess of a software development organization.