NGINX Unit is a Universal Web App Server

published on 2023/09/10
  • The entire configuration is managed dynamically over HTTP via a friendly RESTful JSON API.
  • Updates to the configuration are performed granularly at runtime with zero interruption.
  • Requests are routed between static content, upstream servers, and local apps.
  • Request filtering and dispatching uses elaborate matching rules that enable regular expressions, response header awareness, and njs scripting.
  • Apps in multiple languages and language versions run side by side.
  • Server-side WebAssembly is natively supported.
  • Common language-specific APIs for all supported languages run seamlessly.
  • Upstream server groups provide dynamic load balancing using a weighted round-robin method.
  • Originating IP identification supports X-Forwarded-For and similar header fields.


This looks fascnating. It also supports 7 language such as Go, Javascript, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby. It also supports Web Assembly.