FluentUI Blazor 4 is going to be .NET 8 only

published on 2023/10/24
  • We are changing the root namespace from Microsoft.Fast.Components.FluentUI to Microsoft.FluentUI.AspNetCore.Components This is part of the process of becoming independent from the FAST team and getting closer aligned to the ASP.NET Core Blazor team. The Microsoft and FluentUI parts speak for themselves, we think. By adopting the AspNetCore.Components part we will be in line with the standard ASP.NET Core Blazor component naming scheme. By choosing this namespace scheme, we also leave room for other possible future Fluent UI implementations that might get distributed by means of NuGet Packages. Think for example about implementations for WPF, WinForms, Avalonia, Uno, etc. We do not have knowledge of any plans/development/upcoming releases of any of these From a code perspective this means you will need to update your _Imports.razor and change all @using... and using... statements in your .razor and .cs files in your projects.
  • For the v4 version, we will only support .NET 8 and higher. We made this choice to be able to fully support new functionality and capabilities that have been added to Blazor since .NET 6. Some of the things we are already changing: support for @Bind:after, support the Blazor rendermodes, support Sections and many more. If you are staying on .NET 6 or 7, the v3 version of the library will remain available and supported as long as those versions of .NET are supported. Most probably though, we will not be adding any new functionality to the v3 version anymore.

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