Comparing TCP and QUIC

published on 2022/12/20

There is a common view out there that the QUIC transport protocol (RFC 9000) is just another refinement to the original TCP transport protocol [1] [2]. I find it hard to agree with this sentiment, and for me QUIC represents a significant shift in the set of transport capabilities available to applications in terms of communication privacy, session control integrity and flexibility. QUIC embodies a different communications model that makes intrinsically useful to many more forms of application behaviours. Oh, yes. It’s also faster than TCP! In my opinion It’s likely that over time QUIC will replace TCP in the public Internet. So, for me QUIC is a lot more than just a few tweaks to TCP. Here we will describe both TCP and QUIC and look at the changes that QUIC has bought to the transport table.


QUIC is the transport protocol under HTTP/3