Automerge 2.0

published on 2023/01/31

Automerge 2.0 is here and ready for production. It’s our first supported release resulting from a ground-up rewrite. The result is a production-ready CRDT with huge improvements in performance and reliability. It's available in both JavaScript and Rust, and includes TypeScript types and C bindings for use in other ecosystems. Even better, Automerge 2.0 comes with improved documentation and, for the first time, support options for production users.


This is a library of data structure that allows the creation of collaboration applications. CRDT stands for conflict-free replicated data type.


This is useful for quite a few reasons: you can use it to implement real-time collaboration for an application without having to figure out tricky application-specific algorithms on the server. You can also use it to better support offline work. We think it has even more potential than just that.