A case of using Godot to make C# indie game

published on 2022/07/17

When you open Godot, it opens almost instantenously. The UI is just the right size, and all of the controls are easily accessible in a few simple panes you can rearrange to your liking.

In Godot, everything is composed of nodes. No prefabs, game components, or other abstractions to learn. Just nodes. A scene is just a tree of nodes, saved as a plain text file in a familiar configuration format that you can easily read in a text editor. Need to quickly edit a scene to fix a reference to a file that was renamed or moved outside of Godot? Just open it up in your code editor and fix the path. When you switch back to the Godot editor, it will reload the project before you can blink. There’s no difficulty with source control, either: everything just works because everything’s text.

Joanna May