Why does it take so long to build software?

published on 2021/01/27
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Why does it take so long to build software? We hear variations of this question frequently: Why is building software so expensive? Why is my team delivering software so slowly? Why am I perpetually behind schedule with my software?

There is a good reason we hear these questions over and over. Businesses need more and more custom software every day in order to stay competitive, and yet it feels like as time passes the speed at which we are delivering software is stagnating, or worse, getting slower.

I’d like to talk to you all about why this is, but in order to explore the topic, I need to introduce you to a topic that is near and dear to my heart: Essential complexity and accidental complexity.

Simple Thread

Whenever someone approaches us to build a software, our first set of questions are about figuring out if it is necessary. Building quality software takes time;then you have to maintain it to keep up with the changes in your business process. The great thing is that once you integrate it with your business process, you will see a massive improvement on your efficiency and effectiness because the readily available accurate information.

Every company is becoming a technology company. It is important to sustainably invest on your software infrastructure. Slow and steady is much more preferable than rushing and unsustainable.