User hostility in Android mobile games

published on 2019/05/19

One tactic that is used in mobile games over and over again is to keep the player at the bar. Not every player can spend money and buy diamonds for it. But there are other possibilities. People who watch advertisements (or videos) can earn diamonds. Since you are not supposed to farm diamonds, this is usually reduced to one or two videos. You must not give the player too much at once, because otherwise he can finish the game as fast as possible and is no longer a potential customer. Here one notices the clear difference to the PC. There are also Loot Boxes, DLCs (sometimes authorized, sometimes not) and other offers for which you should spend more money. But it is not as obvious as on a smartphone. Are the players more undemanding or just spend money faster? Unfortunately I can't answer this question here. I personally spend 0% on products on my mobile phone.

This whole article is worth reading in full even when you are not a gamer. Mobile gaming in Android is full of dirty tricks in trying to snare casual gamers to purchase additional top ups to advance in the game. This kind of tactics ruin the experience in a lot of games and sometimes get children into trouble as they keep purchasing in game items without understanding the financial implications of such items.