Friendly XMPP messaging

published on 2021/02/11

Snikket is an initiative to bring a more product-led approach to the XMPP ecosystem. It’s a project that will deliver a suite of XMPP software: a single app for each platform, and an easy to deploy server for self-hosting.

The goal is to reduce fragmentation in the XMPP ecosystem, and ensure that people have access to a familiar brand across all platforms. This brand will represent a consistent set of features, and no interoperability issues. The software is all open-source, and of course still (the latest and greatest) XMPP.

Hopefully Snikket will also become an easy gateway to the world of XMPP for users who may previously have found it inaccessible due to the need to understand the ecosystem and choose the best software for each platform. All the other XMPP software continues to exist, and people are free to use anything that better suits their needs. Products vs Protocols: What Signal got right

If you are an organization, this initiative offers a path where you can unite your people in a decentralized, secure and user friendly communication tool with data that you control. We find this development exciting.

One thing is missing at the moment is the "slack" version of the XMPP client protocol. We hope it is in the works. Perhaps something built on top of [Kaiwa] ( or JSXC.