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CoreNet: A library for training deep neural networks

published on 2024/04/24

CoreNet is a deep neural network toolkit that allows researchers and engineers to train standard and novel small and large-scale models for variety of tasks, including foundation models (e.g., CLIP and LLM), object classification, object detection, and semantic segmentation.


CSS Grid Level 3

published on 2024/04/24

If you’ve been making websites for years, you know how frustrating it was to lay out a web page with CSS floats. Managing sizes and placement was tedious and time consuming. Being creative was often impossible. CSS Grid greatly eased that pain with Grid Level 1 in 2017, and now with Grid Level 2, aka Subgrid. But even with the powerful CSS of today, not every layout imaged by designers is possible. In fact, when CSS Grid shipped, one of the most commonly asked questions was: “how do I write CSS to accomplish a masonry layout?” Sadly, for the last seven years the answer has been — you can’t.


The Dafny Programming and Verification Language

published on 2024/04/24

The Dafny logo, showing the word Dafny in blue next to wavy black and blue lines. Dafny is a verification-aware programming language that has native support for recording specifications and is equipped with a static program verifier. By blending sophisticated automated reasoning with familiar programming idioms and tools, Dafny empowers developers to write provably correct code (w.r.t. specifications). It also compiles Dafny code to familiar development environments such as C#, Java, JavaScript, Go and Python (with more to come) so Dafny can integrate with your existing workflow. Dafny makes rigorous verification an integral part of development, thus reducing costly late-stage bugs that may be missed by testing.


The Man Who Killed Google Search

published on 2024/04/24

For those unfamiliar with Google’s internal scientology-esque jargon, let me explain. A “code yellow” isn’t, as you might think, a crisis of moderate severity. The yellow, according to Steven Levy’s tell-all book about Google, refers to — and I promise that I’m not making this up — the color of a tank top that former VP of Engineering Wayne Rosing used to wear during his time at the company. It’s essentially the equivalent of DEFCON 1 and activates, as Levy explained, a war room-like situation where workers are pulled from their desks and into a conference room where they tackle the problem as a top priority. Any other projects or concerns are sidelined.

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A cautionary tale

Meta Horizon OS

published on 2024/04/23

This new hardware ecosystem will run on Meta Horizon OS, the mixed reality operating system that powers our Meta Quest headsets. We chose this name to reflect our vision of a computing platform built around people and connection—and the shared social fabric that makes this possible. Meta Horizon OS combines the core technologies powering today’s mixed reality experiences with a suite of features that put social presence at the center of the platform.

Developers and creators can take advantage of all these technologies using the custom frameworks and tooling we’ve built for creating mixed reality experiences, and they can reach their communities and grow their businesses through the content discovery and monetization platforms built into the OS. These include the Meta Quest Store, which contains the world’s best library of immersive apps and experiences—we’re renaming it to the Meta Horizon Store.