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Wing is a cloud-oriented programming language

published on 2023/05/27

When new programming paradigms emerge, it takes languages time to catch up. I used to love building object-oriented code in C, but it was a leaky abstraction. I had to understand how objects are laid out in memory, how V-tables work, and remember to pass the object as the first argument for each function. When programming languages started to support object-oriented concepts as first-class citizens, this paradigm was democratized, and today most developers don't even know what V-tables are, and the world keeps spinning.

Wing, or winglang if you want to be cute about it, has all the good stuff you would expect from a modern, object-oriented, strongly-typed and general-purpose language, but it also includes a few additional primitives designed to support the distributed and service-based nature of the cloud as first-class citizens.

Wing Lang

Interesting. Cloud development can be very maddening. We are glad there are continued effort to make it more difficult.

Microsoft Fluent 2

published on 2023/05/26

Fluent 2 boasts sweeping changes across-the-board to ensure frictionless communication throughout the system. We improved on the solid foundations from Fluent 1 and injected innovative additions. All to empower makers at every angle of the system to drive toward a single purpose. That purpose? One Microsoft across the products we offer, the services we provide, and the communities we make.

Fluent 2

Looks beautiful

DeviceScript is TypeScript for Tiny IoT Devices

published on 2023/05/25

DeviceScript brings a professional TypeScript developer experience to low-resource microcontroller-based devices. DeviceScript is compiled to a custom VM bytecode, which can run in very constrained environments.

  • TypeScript. The familiar syntax and tooling, all at your fingertips. Read the language reference.
  • Portable Virtual Machine. Small footprint DeviceScript bytecode interpreter. See supported devices.
  • Hardware as Services. Write reusable application/firmware on top of abstract hardware services.
  • Cloud as Services. Communicate to a cloud with JSON through a unified API, with built-in device health monitoring.
  • Small. Designed for low power, low flash, low memory embedded projects.
  • Simulation & Tracing. Develop and test your firmware using simulated or real sensors.
  • Debugging. Full debugging experience in Visual Studio Code, for hardware or simulated devices.
  • Package Ecosystem. Leverage npm, yarn or pnpm to distribute and consume DeviceScript packages.


Meta releases speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and more for 1,100+ languages

published on 2023/05/23

Equipping machines with the ability to recognize and produce speech can make information accessible to many more people, including those who rely entirely on voice to access information. However, producing good-quality machine learning models for these tasks requires large amounts of labeled data — in this case, many thousands of hours of audio, along with transcriptions. For most languages, this data simply does not exist. For example, existing speech recognition models only cover approximately 100 languages — a fraction of the 7,000+ known languages spoken on the planet. Even more concerning, nearly half of these languages are in danger of disappearing in our lifetime.


DRAKON is a visual language from the aerospace industry for representing algorithms, processes, and procedures

published on 2023/05/22

DRAKON was created to capture software requirements for spacecraft control systems. Gradually, DRAKON has gained recognition outside of aerospace. Developers and project managers use DRAKON to document software of different types.