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RulesEngine, a JSON based rules engine for the .NET platform

published on 2022/07/03

RulesEngine is a highly extensible library to build rule based system using C# expressions Features

  • Json based rules definition
  • Multiple input support
  • Dynamic object input support
  • C# Expression support
  • Extending expression via custom class/type injection
  • Scoped parameters
  • Post rule execution actions

RulesEngine Github

More from the Github Readme

Rules Engine is a library/NuGet package for abstracting business logic/rules/policies out of a system. It provides a simple way of giving you the ability to put your rules in a store outside the core logic of the system, thus ensuring that any change in rules don't affect the core system.

Message queue vs message bus: the practical differences

published on 2022/06/30

With modern implementations there’s a lot of overlap between message brokers and queueing systems. They’re similar: they share similar interfaces (sending and receiving events); they share many features; and they’re both used in complex products or at scale.

While similar, they’re (typically) used for different purposes. We thought we should break down the general distinction between the two and their general use cases, helping answer the question of ‘when should I use a queue vs a message bus’?


AppWrite, a Firebase open source alternative, has reached 0.15 version

published on 2022/06/29

Appwrite is an end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, Native, or Backend apps packaged as a set of Docker microservices. Appwrite abstracts the complexity and repetitiveness required to build a modern backend API from scratch and allows you to build secure apps faster.

AppWrite Github

This is a really nice set of standard services for mobile development. You can get up to speed really quickly with your apps and prototype your backend with this tool.