SilverKey Monitor

Garage, an open-source distributed object storage service tailored for self-hosting

published on 2024/07/21

Self-contained We ship a single dependency-free binary that runs on all Linux distributions

Fast to deploy, safe to operate We are sysadmins, we know the value of operator-friendly software

Deploy everywhere on every machine We do not have a dedicated backbone, and neither do you, so we made software that run over the Internet across multiple datacenters

Highly resilient to network failures, network latency, disk failures, sysadmin failures


More importantly it implements Amazon S3 API.

CrowdStrike system meltdown

published on 2024/07/19

The cause of the outages isn't entirely confirmed, but the prevailing explanation is that a faulty channel file in CrowdStrike Falcon – the vendor's flagship EDR solution trusted by organizations the world over – is to blame.

The full advisory is available to paying CrowdStrike customers, however, the director of the vendor's managed hunting service OverWatch, Brody Nisbet, said the dodgy content update has been reversed.

It means there should be no new BSODs going forward, but it won't reverse the damage that's already been done – that'll be a job for IT admins who are sure to have the very worst of Fridays. Hopefully the work doesn't bleed into the weekend.

The Register

George Kurtz, the founder and chief executive of the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, has said the company is “deeply sorry for impact that we’ve caused to customers” after a flawed software update prompted a global IT outage.

The Guardian

It is crazy that our global IT system is so fragile. It is ironic that an EDR solution (The Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions (EDR)), a system that supposed to keep our systems and network safe, bring down so many computers.

Scryer Prolog is a free software ISO Prolog system

published on 2024/07/19

Prolog is a logic programming language created by Alain Colmerauer and Robert Kowalski in 1972. The idea behind Prolog is try to express a task in language similar to First Order Logic. Prolog systems include unification and non-determinism as key concepts upon which we build programs.

A Prolog program is made up of predicates which define a relation between its arguments. A predicate is made from clauses. A clause can be either a fact or a rule. There's also a toplevel, which we can use to ask and reason about our task.

It's still to this day one of the best examples and one of the most popular languages in the field of logic programming. That's because Prolog allows us to elegantly solve many tasks with short and general programs.

The Power of Prolog book is available online for free

Alpine AJAX is a HTMX clone using Alpine.js

published on 2024/07/18

Alpine AJAX is an Alpine.js plugin that enables your HTML elements to request remote content from your server. Use it to build straight-forward, robust, interactive websites.

Alpine AJAX